About us

Saned Utilities, hailing from Saudi Arabia, stands as a prominent force in the realm of intelligent solutions for managing industrial utilities. This distinction arises from our firm belief that more intelligent assets lead to the creation of more sustainable communities.

Saned offers a comprehensive range of user-friendly platforms, encompassing Strategic Utilities Management, IoT Remote Monitoring, and Sustainability. These platforms collectively illuminate the path to a promising future where prosperity is within reach for all.

Our Mission

Elevate global prosperity by boosting operational excellence, efficiency, and sustainability in daily operations. 

Every day, countless individuals labor tirelessly to keep our communities thriving. They are the backbone of city construction, industrial operation, infrastructure maintenance, and public utilities.

Saned is dedicated to improving the efficiency and productivity of this vital work, making it easier for organizations overseeing intricate physical operations and the dedicated professionals who drive them. 

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