Industrial Platform

Our platform is designed to provide utility services across three core areas: People, Assets, and Processes. It incorporates Efficiency, Reliability, and Performance into its key functions, delivering a comprehensive and well-rounded experience to its users.

industrial 4.0 Platform specializing in Facility / Utility operations aiming to enable our clients in their digital Transformation journey by harnessing operations data for better business performance and accelerating progress towards a higher productivity and zero-carbon economy

SU Pillers

Improve Efficiency

Our comprehensive energy, utilities, and carbon management solutions provide end-to-end monitoring and optimization of utility performance, allowing businesses to better manage their utility consumption and costs without compromising energy usage or quality.​

Increase Performance

we strive to ensure optimal performance by identifying areas of improvement and providing solutions that aid in the management of assets, personnel, and processes. We are devoted to furnishing these solutions in order to guarantee maximum performance.

Enhanced Reliability

The aim is to provide an insightful platform to aid companies in controlling their assets. By leveraging operational data, companies can create comprehensive and efficient processes to improve asset effectiveness and reduce downtime.

Utilities Key Challenges

Utilities around the world are developing new strategies in response to tectonic shifts in the industry. While many traditional utilities focus on the challenges and difficulties

High Operation Cost

High maintenance costs, low workforce utilization, and unoptimized operations lead to a higher (TDC) Total Delivery Cost 

Poor Assets Management

Manual incident records, untracked consumable materials, and unscheduled downtime lead to unexpected costs that chip away at the overall bottom line

Inefficient Energy Consumption

The unoptimized production process and old & inefficient equipment, and unsynchronized generation with the demand lead to energy waste, higher CO2 emissions, air pollution, and climate change.

lack of situational awareness

relying on the legacy systems, collecting data manually, and preparing the reports that lead to guessing and late decision-making.

Value Added

Ensure Quality

Smart Alarming for QC process will ensure quality consistency

Save Energy

Optimizing energy costs dramatically with AI , ML capabilities on Real-Time

Real-Time Performance

Know the real-time performance of the operations

Unplanned Downtime

Control unplanned shutdown for the machines with Predictive maintenance 

Predict Decisions Impact

With the capability of the Digital Twin 

Track ESG performance

For automated sustainability and carbon standards compliance and reporting

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